LESBIAN COUPLE PART 6 lesbian stories

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Wooooow cute.


"Yeah right, who can love me?" Mary's voice said. Uh oh. Mary was awake! Shit, shit shit! What do I do???

I decided to just pretend nothing happened, but i hugged her tighter. Whatever happened to her, i am now her band aid.

The next morning... After we woke up and got ready, Mary was shaking her head at my hoodie. "What?" I asked.

Instead Mary pointed at one of her big shirts and Jean shorts. I sighed and put them on exchanging them for my hoodie and leggings. It was a white shirt. Ugh. It did not match with my near-dark hair. I had about light brown hair, but it could still look dark. WITH A BROWN HOODIE.

"Mary what have you done to me?" I asked. "Made you better." She said and started preparing a bag for a day out. My least favourite thing to do. Mary must have noticed my disappointment and threw the bag on the floor.

"Come here." She sighed. She gave me a big hug, which she knew I hated but also loved. I gave her a small hug back. Then she pulled the curtains and turned off the lights.

"Come on. Don't be shy." Mary said as she brought out her computer. Immediately realising we were both soon eating cheetos from yesterday and watching Netflix.

There were brothers...who loved and protected their sister... Long story short, I started crying. "Hey, hey hey what's wrong?" Mary asked, wiping my tears away.

"Just...She has a brother who loves her." I choked up and Mary held my head in her hands comforting me by whispering sweet nothings into my ears nd handing me tisues.

Mary hugged me more and said something I'll never forget. "I will love you." She started. "I LOVE YOU."

I started at her in disbelief and hugged her back. A really nice big hug which I hadn't given in...my whole life.

"I love you too." I said it back. "Oh shut up I heard it last night!" She said. Here we were, both broken, and slowly getting back to being asleep. We had different ways of dealing with pain, and that's okay. "You know, maybe I'll go out today. " I surprised her.

And so we went outside, breathing fresh air and actually seeing the sun. That was one of the best days in my life.

Well, it was good till Mary's ex showed up with a gun.

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