LESBIAN COUPLE PART 5 romance stories

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Ok this is gonna be the best part now go get some popcorn and come back cause you're in for a looking ride which I wrote in total like 3 hours Be grateful I have aided your needs

The next day was full of classes and classes and classes. We got assigned 3 papers and I had to give a slideshow about introducing myself the right way. I was half prepared to go up there and say. Hi. Im a weirdo. Not catching you later, bye.

But no. Today was Saturday morning and I was working on my last paper. I was almost done!!! Mary was doing homework too, and we sat on our desk. Occasionally there was a sound of cheetos munching but that was about it.

After I finished the paper I shut my laptop for the first time since 8 am. Mary makes me wake up early. I yawned as i remembered the morning.

Mary was shaking me up, her face dangerously close to mine. Also I fell out of bed. Not the best way to impress someone. We weren't getting anywhere other than talking usual things though.

I learned she was actually from Sweden. I on the other hand was a new Yorker. I was boring, she was amazing. It's that simple. I really don't know why I liked her when she was the exact opposite of me.

I just needed to go get a Starbucks to start my day. "Im heading out." I said. I left the room. If Mary said something, I couldn't hear it. I headed quickly down to Starbucks and got a milkshake along with a brownie. Don't judge.

Well i ate my breakfast fairly quickly, in under 20 minutes that the usual 2 hours I take for brooding. I finished up fast as I could to go back to Mary. But when I got there she was wearing a bra and exerscing



I just stood still at the door, waiting for her to notice me. But she was blasting music, specifically Little Mix's Think About Us. When she noticed me she jumped from doing squats (which she did quite well, btw.) "Oh my god I'm sorry!!!" She ran and wrapped a towel around her.

I walked closer towards her, gaining confidence. "Um...Tess?" Mary sounded a bit worried. FYI Tess is Teresa's nickname. We got very close, Mary in her hot sweaty bra and towel. And of course she had shorts. And me in a black hoodie and leggings.

We leaned in, slower and slower....And closer...And closer... The music had lyrics playing and they were perfect... "...and you grab my waist..."

"HEYA ladies, were having a brunch with the rest of the gals, wanna come?" Our friend we made that week, Desireé was french but has no idea about France. Also she interupped our perfect moment.

And since the world is full of heterosexuals she didn't ask if we were in the middle of something. Oh straights.

"Uh, yeah that sounds great Desireé!" Mary said and made her way out past me. Did she hate me? Well the next thing I know I'm in a stuffed car and Mary is sitting on top of me. And I was in heaven.

She kept trying to snuggle in but shy out at the same time while we were heading out to the restaurant. "You good? You're moving a lot." I asked. "Yeah, no, I'm fine." She replied.

I shrugged and she stopped moving till we reached the restaurant. Me and Mary sat next to each other. The next hour or so was just forgetting anything ever happened. We talked, chatted and hung out.

We ate a lot. Mostly Desireé. I never knew she was such an eater! I dropped some compliments to Mary... And was more than happy when she gave me some back. And i kept trying to get her alone but that apparently isn't the meaning of group gatherings.

I honestly wouldn't have come if it wasn't for Mary. And i really need to tell her...that I like her. From her body to her personality and type. She was the one I liked. And the last time that happened... it did not end well.

But then at one point while all the other girls were looking over some shirts Mary looked around suspiciously. Then she grabbed my hand. I held it firm. We slowly walked out and out and out


We walked till the end of the streets and made some flirty conversation but at the end she turned to me and look into my eyes.

"Tess I kno we haven't known each other long." Mary said, stopping. What was she gonna do? Move out? Tell me I should leave cause i have no real potential like my brothers did?

"I like you."

Thats what she said. I still could not beleive it. In my head I went through 10 different scenarios of expressions and was completely freaking out. But in real life i was as still as possible. Then I knew what to do

I leaned in, her breath mixing with mine, and she looked up at me. We stayed there for a second, breathing in her amazing shampoo that I may or may not have used.

Then I went for it. Her lips were soft and a little dry, but i didn't even care. I was just glad that I was here, on this street, in this corner, kissing her. Then she kissed me back and put her hand on my neck. She pulled away first.

"What does this mean?" She asked quietly, trying not to break the spell. "I don't know, but i want to do it again." I replied. She kissed me first this time. My fingers lingered where her lips had been. "I like you too." I said firmly, more than anyone has ever said before.

I held her hand, slipping it behind my back and watching the sunset. "Public?" I asked. "Hella." She replied in her classic Mary style.

Later that night... We were both lying in her bed , because it was comfy. Clothes on, for gods sake! I had my arm wrapped around her waist and her fingers were intertwined with mine. She had no glasses on, and had buried her face in my arm.

But then she turned around at me looking meaningfully in my eyes. What's the point? They are classic dull brown and nothing more. "I love your eyes." She said. "Why?" I asked. "Because they remind me of home."

I sighed and kissed her forehead. In return she kissed my lips. " I never properly thanke you for saving me that day." She said suddenly. "Just go to bed. I want you to sleep." I hugged her close to me.

"I know. But you're too hot to sleep next to." She unexpectedly said. "What? Excuse me?" I said. No answer.

I checked her breathing. She was sleeping deeply. I brought her blanket on her and kissed her cheek, brushing it affectionately.

" I L O V E Y O U."

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