Lesbian Couple Part 12
Lesbian Couple Part 12 lesbian stories

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Lesbian Couple Part 12

"You sure that's not a bad dream?" Mary asked the girl. Oh right her name was Sarah. "Y-yes! They said that the workers are not permitted to bring any flammable items-such as phones. So they don't have flashlights either." Sarah stuttered.

"And that means they will report to fire but-" Desiree was cut off by Mary. "-because the winds are blowing the main entrance will shoot fire into the first wire that leads to the lighting-" Mary was cut off by me. "-and that will lead to all the light bulbs blowing off, and making the oil explode in their barrels." Now we all panicked.

Everyone started calling home and running to their rooms to pack.

"Wait, guys, what are you doing?" I asked them. "What any sensible person would do?" A girl said, poking out her head from a room. "Leaving!" Me and Mary stared at each other, wide-eyed. If everyone left and no-one else knew, who was going to save us? "We gotta do it. I have to." Mary nodded at me.

And then I realized. Mary was the closest thing to an electrician we had. (I knew because she used to work as an electrician helping her father and that's where she met...almost all her exes.) "No. First off, we'll be breaking rules, and second, we don't know where it is!" I argued. "I do." Sarah said.

"Wait a second...are you guys...a thing?" Desireé suddenly asked. I blushed but Mary told the truth. "It's none of your business" I said quickly. Desiree raised her hand with a lopsided grin and backed away.

"I've got a car?" Sarah broke the awkwardness. "Great. Let's not blow some stuff up." I turned on my heel and ran. Desiree went to her room to grab a purse.

In the car I just held Mary close to me. I had to let go eventually and we covered her up in plastic. Deisree was actually getting a raincoat in her bag, so she brought one. She was clad in rainboits and cheap plastic hair bands.

I was a bit sad I didn't have much to give her. But at least she was going to be okay... Just before she left from the car I grabbed her hand. "Wait." I said. I stood up, leaning into her in the rain. "I love you." I whispered, the rain dripping all over my face.

Mary was speechless. Shoot. What did i do? But then Mary kissed me, like she did the first time, and I knew it would be okay. "I love you too." She said it back. I sat back down in the car as Mary walked up to the gate.

That's when the sirens sounded.

Sorry its a bit short, I have it written on paper but I cant find time to properly type it up on my comp...

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