is it ok to want to die
is it ok to want to die death stories

mistexplorer74 in terms of mora, we have no mora
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is it ok to want to die

I'll smile for my friends, I'll send them happy messages. But at home...

So this is just a rant pls get off if you don't like rants.

I just got yelled at. Again, nothing big, right? No. It was worse this time.

"You have a legacy to keep up of bright people!" "Well send you to a school, all girls, where they wear aprons and make you do some cooking because you need to focus!"

"You want to be a dancer? Tell me right now, and I'll put you in a dance class where they make you work so hard and don't come crying to me. Classical dance." "Why are you so stupid?"

"Your not so hesitant about yoir little kpop! I'm not against your kpop but it's trash and your filling your head with it."

I don't want to be pmed about this. But is it ok to want to die?

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