Irl Friends hehehwhwhehw
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Hiya! So these are my friends irl...

Irl Friends hehehwhwhehw

Hiya! So these are my friends irl...except I blacked out the faces XD and so anyway I got the idea from @btsismybias. But keep in mind I wont see any of them again, because I've moved. :(

Anyway, i actually have alot of them so...I'll try to find the group pics. I'll substitute their real name too, but just say some funny points for each lol.

Okie lets start.

Let's start with N.

N is a Muslim, and her hijab was off and i didnt want to show her her so that's why I blacked it out. Anyway we are were real god friends, but she moved, and we are still in touch though. She looooves kpop and shes the one that dragged me into it XD. She stans NCT the most currently and is obsessed with maknae line. Shes real fun and real badass, even if she would be rude when u first meet her.

And now Y. Korean, but hates Kpop

THE. FUNNIEST. PERSON. ON. THE PLANET. Because she's so innocent!!! And she is such a girl girl sometimes and next thing you know shes the fastest swimmer and won a championship. It's crazy, and so is she! We usually take model pics together heheheh. And shes very quiet at first but you have to break through a lot of ice . She's been my friend for 4 years and counting!

A. The most wonderful person XD

She was my best friend for 1 year but then she moved away, but it was so amazing while she was here! Like, she had a dog called sparky who we renamed spoon. And the just dance battles we had...ha. ha. Ha. Oh right and together we made breadcake once. Pm me to find out how it was! Or what it was, rather.

And now for D.

She's a penguin eating Doritos and sitting on a bean bag printed with whales while gaming. No argument. We've been friends for 2 1/2 years, and they were fun times! But D doesnt like to play by the rules...that's why you'll find toilet seats in the trash can.

Here we have I.

This girl is Irish so she loves correcting my language lol. She's really fun to hang around and is so full of energy. Her indian accent is hilarious, btw. She loves dancing and we choreographed a few songs for fun XD this photo was taken on a school trip, when we went to Jaipur LIT Fest, and some of us met Elizabeth Gilbert!!!

Oh, M.

The most fun, amazing friend ever! She made words up like swampy, amáze and moikala. She's finnish so its always fun when she tries to teach us the language. Now the only way we say hi to each other is moi, pronounced moy XD. And yeah she's just amaze when you get to know her, always crazy, sporty and talented at playing the trombone :)

M no. 2

Yes that is a gucci shirt. Its not fake! She has a lot of gucci and liek she is REALLLY RICH but she's so sweet! She cares about everyone, visited so many places and helped so many people. She's just Lovley, even though from first glance she may seem spoilt. Don't judge by clothes, ppl!

N no. 2

She's really annoying and loves spamming my phone and is like obssesed with him too. She taught me so many dances like bruh And she also introduced me to riverdale, and A tried to as well but i didnt litsen to A. N 2 forced us. Aishhh this is one of the spamming pics.

N 3

The one on the bottom is I. So I and N 3 were my roommates for this trip, and we kinda made friends there. So yeah, she's a real fashionista. She had to borrow a pair of shorts from N 2 and someone had puked in the bathroom so they smelled disgusting. The hallway smelled of perfume for the next 2 days. Teh pic was after they finished spraying.

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Ok so now a little surprise! I want you to guess in the comments which friend is which! 3 2 1 Hehdbdnfnnfnfnfnnfnfndndn Hahah fjaowlasdkskakskskaksk Hshsjsjsjsjjwkejsksksjsjjdndndhjdjejsjshshshjsjsjsjdjxjxjjxjxjxjdjfbshsh


Btw this is my last post for a few days, enjoy while u can XD

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