I felt like making another, okay?
I felt like making another, okay? tomatoes stories

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Should I be the continuer?

I felt like making another, okay?

I already did this prompt, but its so weird I wanna do another

okie let's get started

Every year in my little apartment in Spain, tomatoes cover my windows. The thing is, there's a tomato festival each year. Me, being OCD, never joins in.

I have a clean apartment, a good job and decent friends. I do not need to go out for a few hours to get bombarded with tomatoes. Like my friends. Extroverted people.

I shuddered, and sipped my Oriental Chinese Green Tea.

I moved away from the window pane, as the Festival of Yeeting Tomatoes would begin soon. Of course it's not actually called that. But to be honest, that is what it is.


The doorbell rang a few times. Great, my friends were here. If they weren't already looking like they came out of my ketchup bottle, they would be soon.

I swung open the door and peak outside. Whew. They were clean.

Unlike last year, if I remember correctly. (this is what I found when I searched red human forgive me)

"Hey, Gloria! Fun times, eh?" My American friend Dakota pushes the door open and saunters in. With her shoes on.

Americans. The opposite of OCD. She respects it, though, and I respect her habits, no matter how much I dislike them.

"Hello." Mike says from the shoe rack. He at least took his shoes off like a sensible person.

Then comes in Bianca. She's quiet but makes friends everywhere somehow. She gives me a small smile and I raise my glass in return.

We're a weird bunch.

Mike came from Canada to study photography.

We keep telling him he should just go to Germany or France because what can you find in this little cornered town at the edge of Spain? He refuses every time.

His "inspiration" is here or something. Once he said if it moves he'll move. I don't know how he'll do that, but none of us actually know what his inspiration is. Maybe it's the wind.

I heard it moves fast.

Dakota has a dark history, and she doesn't like to talk about that, so we don't push her. But she makes the best of it and is really funny. At least, we think she's joking when she says stuff.

we never know.

Oh right, remember when I said Bianca is quiet? She's actually mute. We don't know why, she just is. We know she can hear us, and she communicates through sign language.

"Have you all come here for safety?" I joke.

"Actually, here for the battle preparations." Dakota answers.

"Ah, yes." Mike adds.

Bianca makes a V with her fingers and smacks it on her forehead. Duh.

I grab my tomatoes off the kitchen table and hand them each a bag.

And that's when the glass shattered.

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