How To Make a Friend On Commaful
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mistexplorer74 you will be inlaid upon deez nuts 🥶
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Lol idek anymore I hope it helps u!

How To Make a Friend On Commaful

So I will show you through 2 scenarios, one where they talk to you first and one where u talk to them.

1. They pm you first

1. They pm you first Say its like this Them: hi

1. They pm you first Say its like this Them: hi Now whatever type of hi they give, it usually tells you about them. Examples of different types of "hi" Hello | yo | hiiii | heyo | hiya | hewo | hlo I use all of these so ig you cant firgure me out hehehe

ok and then reply something back, just say something light! Like this: Them: Hi You: Heyo! And then the magic move You: what's up Most ppl will reply like this: Them: Nothing much/nm, wbu? Now DO NOT REPLY THIS You: nm either

because thats a DEAD END instead say something funny like I usually do Me: Just contemplating my life desicions and deciding living under a rock is better. Me: Dreading to clean up the house Me: Watching bears catching bread on youtube Something like that!

Most ppl will reply: Them: Lol Thats a little dead end, but some ppl ask questions like: Them: What's your name, by the way? IF you do not feel comft saying, just dont say it, If ya wanna, just say it. Example: (My name is here) Me: I'm Willow XD, wbu? You dont need to say if you dont want to

ALWAYS keep in mind that they might not want to be open about some things. Usually after this ask what they do in their free time, then hit it off from there!!!

Ok now this is my first convo , Im not gonna reveal them they can reveal themselves. To the person: Sorry if you didn't want that to happen! pm me if you want to delete it

im skipping the name

they had to go so this is the second convo

I aint reveal the age either

but ye you get the point! So that's it! Thanks for coming to my ted talk XD

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