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secret liquid.

Funny story from a generator

The laboratory was full of soup, cyanide, muscles, eyeballs, Thomas the Train toys,

captured fireflies that were piled on the bunk bed and mysterious jars were full of something that looked like fiery pink pee. Phart Bendan, the great inventor, was working on a secret liquid.

Now, if you take the new liquid and shoot it up your nose and spit it out, you will hop on one foot and do a front flip and throw your hoodies and yourself in the freezer.

Then your whole body will turn fiery pink and you will only be able to think about skipping and hopping to the Dead Sea.

When Phart Bendan was finished inventing, the pee was put in the fiery pink jars and it was ready for the market.

The life savings of Phart Bendan, amounting to no amount of wealth but a measly Spanish peso,

was paid to Nicki Minaj to make a commercial so that the fiery pink jars would sell as fast as hand sanitizer .

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