Dreams of a Prisoner
Dreams of a Prisoner fiction stories

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NOT POETRY!!! This is set in the 1850s, about a girl wanting to go to college but being a girl, she is unable. Which is why somethings are going to change.

Dreams of a Prisoner

Disclaimer: This is all fiction. Does not match up with google, for some things.

"Martha, come help Anna get ready. And get up!" Mother huffed, running about the house.

"Yes, mother!" I awoke in a flash, bumping my head against the low ceiling.

Anna was also running about the house. Apparently mother was chasing her.

"You can't catch me! I'm the gingerbread man!" She giggled, evading mother's outstretched arms.

"You can't be him, he's a man!" Mother finally pinned Anna down. "Darn these corsets! You can't do anything in them!"

"What's all this noise about?" Father came in from downstairs.

I had just worn my black skirts and was making my bed.

"Ah. I see. Finish up, Martha, I need you to make me and Harry breakfast." Father didn't even glance at me.

I groaned internally and started to run down the stairs.

Harry is my younger brother, though we look nothing alike. I took after father, and he took after mother.

Blonde, tall, and a quite large nose that always got stuck while we has wearing his coats.

I, on the other hand, had dark hair, and dark eyes. I was older, but he was quickly growing taller than me.

"What is there for breakfast today, dear sister?" He was packing his school books. I hope he kept our secret.

"Your favorite." I proceeded to make him fried eggs with a toast.

He and father had a very heated conversation about philosophy over breakfast, which I couldn't help but overhear.

"What do you think is the meaning of life, son?" Father asked.

"It must have something to do with want, or need." My brother replied. "Or perhaps God wanted us to not know."

"We know everything, son! Why would God hide anything from us?"

"Good question."

They talked about religion for a bit, but I zoned out, and thought about how wrong we was. As Socrates, the great greek philosopher once said, "I know that I know nothing.

" My father, on the other hand, had not realized that yet. And God would like to keep things from us, as Adam and Eve weren't supposed to eat the apples.

I served them breakfast and headed upstairs once again. I checked myself in the mirror, and I was starting to get pimples! Those evil ugly red dots had covered my face.

I decided to wash my face, though I didn't very often. Once I did read a paper on how this was called 'hygiene.

' we were supposed to wash daily, and wash our cloths at least weekly, but that used too much water.

And I can't get my mother to read it, as she cannot read, and my father was too busy with the other lawyers.

My brother is 16, and I am 17, almost 18. I have not attended school, but my dream is to become a doctor, and study at the University of Edinburgh. But they didn't accept girls...

So my brother is teaching me to be a boy, and tomorrow, I try it out.

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