Dreams of a Prisoner 2
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I DONT AGREE WITH ANYTHING! I'm just trying to portray how life was back then!!! Sorry if I offend anyone! A young girl wants to be a doctor, but she's going to have to change.

Dreams of a Prisoner 2

Disclaimer: All of this is fiction.

A scream came from the room next to me and I hurried inside. Mother was trying to fit Anna in a dress.

Anna had never liked dresses, or anything girly. I was always appalled when she said she wanted to be a boy. She couldn't! But then again, I had to.

"Mother, let me try." I rushed down to help Anna comb her hair. She was only 7, and was rather wild.

I whispered in her ear, "If you are good today, I will come play outside with you tomorrow."

Anna's definition of 'play' was not dolls. This is one thing we both had in common. We liked the men's sports. Specifically, rugby.

I had taught her how to stitch when she was 5, and the first thing she made was a rugby ball. We sill use it.

"Really?" She looked up at me.

I raised my eyebrows and shushed her. She stayed quiet. Mother was staring at me.

"I will never understand how you do it. You may need to teach me!" Mother chuckled, and I laughed along. "Time for your food, the boys would have left by now."

We rushed down to the dining room where Mother fed us some porridge that was leftover from yesterday.

"Martha, have you found a man to marry yet?" Mother said.

"Oh...no, not yet." I sighed.

"You can't make money on your own, darling! You need a man!" Mother rubbed my back, as though I was going through a phase of shock.

"I can take a feminine job. I am already a part-time nurse at the hospital! I make money just fine."

"It's 30 pence per month." Mother sighed. "That won't hold a living."

I sighed as well. There was no point arguing with her. "Alright mother, I need to get to work now though."

"Wait! Take this." Mother handed me 20 pence. "Stop by the market, will you?"

I nodded. "Good-bye!"

I left the house and started walking down the cobblestone road. The dresses in fashion this year are obnoxiously large, with all their puffs and such.

I never understood the point, it was better to work than to long pretty things. I had three dresses, a black one, a blue one and one brown.

They were all more or less the same, but that was all I needed. And I have noticed how much one stinks when wearing the same clothes, so I rotate.

I keep the dresses outside in the day, so the smell could wear off.

Speaking of smell, the carriage I was walking next to had a very...problematic horse. The horse kept pooping. The man inside could smell it as well.

"Chauffeur, what is this smell?" He called.

"Sire, it's just the horse!" The chauffeur replied.

It was just going to pass me, but I could hear the man mutter something like, "Imagine when there is horse poop everywhere!"

I couldn't help running up and shouting out. "But sire, won't we invent things to stop that?"

I don't know if he heard me. The carriage pulled away. The sky was rather gloomy, and I could feel a few raindrops on my face. The city was a bit too gray, actually.

A few plants were here and there, but that was it.

I was approaching the hospital. The building was a series of twists and turns, not the best for a hospital, and was riddled with symbols of God.

There were sick people crowding around everywhere, and some injured. I could also see a few young women.

They were either there to attract doctors for husbands, registering for nurses, or were hoping for a secret abortion. I shivered at the thought.

Killing a baby! But I suppose the woman's happiness counts as well.

I hurried in and put my nurse frock on from the back. I didn't actually start working till the bells rang, but I always came early. For the lectures.

I walked calmly down the stairs and waited till everybody left from the basement. I then opened the floorboard under the table, and jumped inside.

There used to be a secret brewery here, so there was enough place to stand. I walked a little further, following the voices. And finally, I reached the room of the lecture.

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