Doing @dat_one_girl's challenge
Doing @dat_one_girl's challenge challenge stories
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mistexplorer74 in terms of mora, we have no mora
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Doing @dat_one_girl's challenge

1) Okay, no face cause I'm not allowed but here. the amazing warped image. Was on the last page.

2)ah shoot

3)I eat. A LOT. And also I'm really stupid at math. I thought 3x50 was 1500. And anyway, I really am messy. Would you like to see my desk? Or for that matter, my locker in school?

4) I guess I'm kind? My friends say so...and so do my parents? But I honestly think I'm the kind of person that if a house was burning down and you were stuck inside I'd go fetch you.

5) Okay, so this person verbally abused my friends, abused me verbally and stuff, and kind of was a terrible human being watching...weird stuff, let's call it. I hate them because NOBODY does that to my friends. She was in tears! AND I CAN KILL HIM FOR HIS ANNOYING VOICE ALONE

6) Okie, there were have my BFF who actually was not in school this year because she left the school but she came and visited and never forgets me unlike many other of the friends I had. Just to let you know, everybody leaves the school in like 4 years. Some stay till they graduate. I'm one of those some people.

7) -_- because I have no reactions whatsoever

8) I fell asleep at 8... *falls asleep at 1 am)

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