Covid-19 isn't just killing people!
Covid-19 isn't just killing people! covid 19 stories

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Covid-19 isn't just killing people!

Okay guys, bear with me. This is a looooong article I wrote...

Think about where you are today. You might be sitting in a cosy chair, sipping coffee from a mug while you think about your own problems.

Or you might be sitting in your bed, enjoying the view from your window. Some teachers are up, right now, in the middle of the night to teach kids across the globe.

In fact, you might be one of those teachers.

Others are not so lucky.

There are people who are living off little money, knowing that they will be broke and kicked out of their house very soon. Some people are walking halfway across the country to get home.

Some parents are separated from their kids with no way to meet them. Some people are stuck in a lab all day and all night, pondering questions that have no solutions-yet.

But most people are in a hospital room, stuffed with others, or maybe out on the streets while being treated.

They are treated with people stuck away from their families, who are blamed for things they did not do, or have no control over.

Most of the people are taking their last few breaths without even knowing it. Most people are not aware they are sick. Most people don't have very bright futures. Most people are dying.

So, again, think about where you are. Be aware.

You might be taking a break from cleaning your groceries, or you could be stepping out of the shower, but it still doesn't change the fact that you have a role to play.

Yes, some of us are more fortunate than others, and the reason is to help them. We need to help them stand on their own two feet, whether they are family or not, friend or foe, good or bad.

We need to save them because if we don't, who will? We are all a part of making the world a better place. So I am going to tell you who we need to help. What kind of people are out there.

If you can do anything to help, an idea or a solution, anything is welcomed as long as it takes us a step closer to fixing the lightbulb.

We need to look at this problem from all the different perspectives. But what is the problem?

No, think about that.

Is it the fact that there is a global pandemic? Or is it more than just that? I for one, can think of the economy, shortage of resources, separation of families, among many other problems.

So Let's step into their shoes. See the world how they see it, but with our lives, what we have seen, and what we have done, we can choose new solutions. Better solutions.

So, what are the three main problems that erupted because of a pandemic?

Today we take a look at that. First, from the view of the people who are trying to solve our mystery of the vaccine. The people who think that they can make a vaccine, as well.

Then, we go to the people trying to find their homes in the midst of all this chaos. I'm sure you are wondering why and when the decided to do it. And then the businesses.

The ones that are not thriving, like car companies or the hotels. What do they think and have tried to do?

Take a deep breath in, and dive into someone else's life.

The Medical Researches

One of the most likely vaccine for this in the recent days is in Washington, WHO believes.

Moderna Therapeutics is running trials, which we approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are running two trials. One real people. Varying from age to age, but all healthy.

They will need to test themselves against a virus, so it was quite the request.

The vaccine, mRNA-1273, was on their website said to be received well by the test subjects, as well as deflecting viruses. It has also worked on animals exposed to COVID-19.

So, they did a good job right?

The answer is yes. They did do a good job. And it still isn't perfect, but mRNA-1273 seems to get there, nearly.

But think of all the days and nights researches had to go through figuring this out, away from their families, exposed to the virus, and quarantined.

And both scientists and doctors are stranded in the same boat this time. A doctor in Wuhan, China, where the virus first emerged, was interviewed about this topic.

"At the beginning, there were too many patients that needed to be confirmed. The hospital did not have so many beds for the patients' hospitalization.

We had a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our hospital dedicated a separate campus, our east campus, as a designated hospital to receive severe and critical patients.

" Said Dr. Dr. Gong Zuojiong.

He also says this, wishing India well. "The virus is a common enemy for humankind. The whole world must be united.

In this difficult time, I really wish the people of India can win this battle as soon as possible." This was in March where people were not as worried.

On a petition website,, there are many petitions for doctors because people are hitting them, hurting them, and blaming them for everything.

They don't have the necessary gear and most of them are infected or dead, or fighting. They are locked in a room, and countless people are interviewed and say the are not treated right.

They don't have good facilities. Poor bathrooms, poor food, no gear, among many other things like shortage in resources. For example testing kits.

For this, if you are not someone who has a voice in national decisions, you don't have much luck helping, because the only way to do this is to join hands with countries.

Even if those countries don't really agree, like Pakistan and India. But there really is no other way out.

Even if we have to go to measures like America and Iran working together, why should we not, for this?

I think each country should be paired up like so; the country with the most testing kits available or the least cases who would donate them to another country.

Or we find a new way to test for the virus.

That way, we can lessen the burden on the doctors and make the attacks on them less frequent.

That would be good for them, and good for us, because that would mean more doctors working than doctors getting hurt.

Now think about it for a second. Really, how can you help them?

If you can, go do it! Voice their problems, send them normal food that wasn't served twice, or give them suits to help patients. Whatever you can do.

Now that you know their problem and what they are working for, you can do something.

Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft and also looking for answers to the world's problems. Apparently, today they mean COVID-19.

In a blog post, he says, "Realistically, if we're going to return to normal, we need to develop a safe, effective vaccine.

We need to make billions of doses, we need to get them out to every part of the world, and we need all of this happen as quickly as possible."

He believes he knows exactly what to do, and the vaccine will come in 18 months. Some people are skeptical, even though we know who is talking.

He probably researched a lot and came up with a response-maybe he even knew from before. I suspect he did, since it was always a possibility. And well, I would believe him.

But how do we do it? That's what they all spend their time working on.

The "Migrants"

You might notice "migrants" in in quotes, because they aren't really migrants. They are just people who want to go home.

Why, you might ask? Well, most of them were probably something like construction workers or something similar.

They would live in a room with other people, a little bigger than the average bathroom.

And in this time, they saw that it was definitely not going to end any time soon, so they decided that they were going to go home to their families.

Their families are in villages, some very far away, across India. There are no cars or buses or anything, so they packed their bags and left on foot. At least, some of them.

But could you imagine it? No good food or water, in risk of your health, and not stopping. Only for rest or the loo, and that too on the side the road.

"We see them everywhere. Yet, we never imagined migrant workers as a group big enough to be taken seriously.

" Says Irudaya Rajan, a man working in the Centre for Development Studies, tracking migrants for 35 plus years.

And with no laborers, most of a city will first off, disappear and lead the city in an economic downfall.

Some people, like Rahul Gandhi, are accused of "politics of misery," as some call it.

They are saying that they do nothing in places where the Gandhi family is powerful, but there are still videos of Rahul Gandhi interacting with them.

Some people help others because it makes them seems good, fair, just and kind. When really they are just promoting themselves.

So how to we help them, now we know their problems. I think we can arrange special busses to go to some villages, which will be cleaned and let them get there faster.

And we can also drop off cars with food, water, and whatever else they need like clothes. Though in the middle of summer, I don't think clothes are necessary.

But whatever they need could be dropped off, and along with the busses, the lockdown should go much smoother.

And these people need protection from the virus as well, so we need to find a way to make gear for them as well, and sanitization equipment.

Now really think, with your position, what can you do that will make their lives a little better. Maybe you can drive your car there yourself and give them what they need.

Maybe you can make a mask that can be used a lot of times, or is really easy to get and make with almost anything. Whatever you can do, please do it.

We are voicing our problems so someone can hear them, not scroll past.

Okay pt 2 because it exceeded the limit for words!!!

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