Blinding Light - Prologue
Blinding Light - Prologue fiction stories

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New story! Characters: (warning, CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS)

Blinding Light - Prologue

By now our lungs must have looked like they were pure obsidian. We were still in the fire, with no escape.

Smoke covered every corner of the house, burning the memories we had here along with it. Sky was staring at the ceiling, eyes drooping. Please don't let him die, I thought frantically.

"Hey bud, don't worry." I pat his head, coughing slightly. "I'll protect you."

I scooped him up, and he didn't struggle. He would usually kick and scream at me but he was so close to dying right now that he didn't even bother. I took as deep a breath as I could.

I wasn't done with my training yet but I had no other choice. I closed my eyes, focused and tried walking through the fire.

Concentrate. I had to remember what I was taught. I was stepping on ice, everything around me was frozen, I was not burning, and my little brother wasn't dying in my arms.

It will be fine, I lied to myself.

I opened my eyes again and I was on the other side, near the door. There weren't any burns on me or Sky. I sighed in relief. It must have worked. Sky moved his head and groaned a little.

I shifted him into a more comfortable position and kicked down the door.

I started running down the street as fast as I could, which might as well have been a lousy jog. My eyesight was blurred but in the distance I could see trucks and sirens.

Why was everything getting so dark? Where did the sounds go? I shook my head, and fell on my knees slowly.

This can't be...the end. I put down Sky with the last bit of strength I could muster. I took one last look at his gray-blue hair, his scarlet eyes, his face.

My brother, who I wasn't able to save.

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