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A huge knock came from outside. I opened the door even though my new hot roomie was slicing her throat. "Yah hello? Orientation dinner is in half an hour so come soon!" The janitor spoke before I even opened the door. I didn't even get to see what she looked like, she slammed the door shut.

I signed and sat back down. "Oh my god I know the perfect thing to wear!!!" Mary was jumping up and down. I on the other hand was very surprised. "'re wearing a crop top and short jeans shorts...guys who be on you no matter what." I said.

"GUYS?" She scoffed. "I don't have a damn care in the world for GUYS." She spoke through her teeth and i guess she had some bad history. And I didn't put her, because I did too.

I'd been spacing off (mostly just happy she wasn't into guys) and i didnt notice her walk in on me. If it is possible, she went from hot to hotter. Now she was wearing a dark blue tight body dress and i was surprised I didn't do that whistle thing people do when they see a hot person.

I guess she put contacts cause her glasses were gone and her hair in some sort of bun. I was speechless. She looked s pretty I nearly kissed her. But her personality sounded annoying. But she was also hot. AAAGH.

Whatever, I will be living with her for years now so I have to deal with it. We headed down to the orientation dinner. Mary told me to it something a little lighter. I promptly wore a dark gray sweatshirt. In the middle of summer, yeah I know, not the best. But that made people think I was a weirdo.

And I like to be weird. Means people leave you alone and don't tell you about the fact that they *ugh* still can't get a by or *sighs* are sad about their little dog at home in the British Iles. DO I EVEN CARE. But something made me care about Mary.

If she likes to eat cake with spoon or fork Or hand as I found out in orientation dinner. We all said something at the table we 're grateful for.

Now me a year ago would have tried to come up with the funniest thing because i want people to laugh but not at me. I am not me a year ago.

Most people said how happy there are to be at Harvard!!! Yadda yadda yadda and to stand out but not so much i said I'm glad to actually live my dreams. Now it was Mary's that shocked me. I would be thought she would just rephrase what everyone had said for the past 30 minutes but no.

She was not the epitome of "Ya basic" Like I had thought

She said this "Enough about me, and what I'm grateful for I have prepared something of what all students here are ALL secretly grateful for." I saw everyone exchanging scared looks and wide eyes.

She hasn't asked me anything. "Well the biggest part is they are happy to be completely banal and ordinary. Because that is what we expect. But we did not expect people like Mark Zuckerburg. And where did he study? HARVARD! Even though he put the system at jeopardy, you gotta admit.

He kinda whooped all of you! And now someone here is going to do that for THIS generation. I'm grateful for him or her or they!" She sat back down next to me and i was trying to sink down into my chair and be swallowed by a bunch of phiranas cause that's my usual mood.

I secretly thought it was going to be her. After al the commotion died down, we went back to our room. Mary sighed around in her bags but briefly stopped to ask me if I drank. I said yes. I am not a drinker.

"Well today is Saturday and classes don't begin till Monday so if we are hungover it's fine." Mary said in about our 9th round of whisky. "You've said that ten times. What you haven't told me about is your problem with guys I understand if your lesbian but still." I asked, half drunk.

"A weirdass ex. That's all." She said, and promptly filled her glass again. "Hey you know I've never been this open to someone in like forever" I told her. It's true. And I should not have mentioned showering a few minutes later.

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