2020 in the Jurassic Park/World
2020 in the Jurassic Park/World funny stories

mistexplorer74 In 85 wishes, kazuha is mine
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this is the most beautiful thing I ever made

2020 in the Jurassic Park/World

exercising at home now be like

your parents trying to contain you like

welcome to the grocery store

welcome to Walmart

covid-19 the world

when god went to the get some food in 2019 and came back in 2020

when someone finally finds a vaccine

when you figure out how to smuggle toilet paper but a security guard catches you

the devil listening to our screams

scientists to covid 19

Netflix toilet paper

every second of 2020

<--------------------- | | | 2020 < --- 2021

how to covid19 vaccine will enter our body

the first case of covid19

second case of covid 19

10th case

1000th case

last case

awwww look at that lil smile

covid19 ppl with masks ppl in hazmat suits

how covid 19 ruled the world

ppl escaping the bushfires and the bombs and going to USA


"I wish to fly!" Be careful what you wish for...

hope u enjoyed, im out!

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