1984 George Orwell-the slogan explained
1984 George Orwell-the slogan explained freedom is slavery stories

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1984 George Orwell-the slogan explained


At first, you ask yourself, what does this mean? It's not possible! No way. And now I explain to you why yes, it is.

FREEDOM IS SLAVERY All we try to do in our lives is get freedom for anything. Whether it is freedom to get a phone or freedom from a prison. But when we do get it, we are still searching for freedom. We become our own slaves, reaching for light like a cat.

Freedom is when we escaped the imagined order of society. The order is like a cobweb, and we are all entangled in it. If you were in one, you might prefer certain positions so you don't break your neck. If you fell and were free, maybe you would prefer something else. Thats freedom. Because you get to choose yourself, the imagined order doesn't push you.

IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH Have you ever wondered why the British empire was so big? Well Europe in general? Because Europe accepted their ignorance and turned to science. With knowing they did not know, they discovered new things like vegetables cure scurvy, or that the earth is actually round and there are more continents.

But why not before? Simply put, people believed in god and god only, and they thought what was the need? God would take care of the dying vegetable patch. God will hear my woes and gift me with enough bread to eat. That sort of thing.

WAR IS PEACE In war there is stability. Weaponry is an industry that grows and gives jobs to many. They only really kill the armies, and I'm sorry for all who have died, but they die for more than their nation. Well technically most wars right now are civil wars and disputes, but that's not the point.

They are fighting for the peace they keep. It's hard to understand, I know. And they really are. Imagine a world with no conflicts. It's just like a conflict with 2 hunger gatherer tribes and each other. But with globalization it's on a bigger scale. But so is the peace.

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