10 Facts about MEEEEH
10 Facts about MEEEEH me stories

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I'm also terribly annoying

10 Facts about MEEEEH

1. I'm come from two countries but speak 3 full langues

2. Idk I just love pasta and actually all food just LOVE IT

3. I used to HATE reading nd got like the worst grades in class But now i read legit a book a day

4. I'm 13

5. I'm moving to another school and I have no idea what to doooooo

6. I'm trying and failing to learn dutch

7. I like soccer or football not American football though. And also I like table tennis.

8. I'm a biological female, though sometimes I feel non binary or male

9. I honestly don't know what to do when I grow up. Here's the list. Architect Archeologust Anthropologist Dermatologist Family physician Phsycologist Phsiciartrist Social worker Airline marketing

Author Educator of English and history Historian Professional photographer Painter MUN EU And much more...but You get the point

10. I'm an idiot I think u already know this

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