- gay love story part 9 -
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- gay love story part 9 -

I should have specified a time. It was already starting to get late, and the sun started to dip down below the clouds.

I glanced out the window again, then back at my sketch I started yesterday. I had traced it with a sharpie, and so it looked much better now. I wonder what he would have thought of it.

When I spoke to him yesterday he seemed kind of agitated in the beginning but I guess he had calmed down. I wanted to ask him what that was about.

Then, just when the sun was barely under the trees, I saw Faith walk in, looking up for once.

I hurried down the stairs to the back door, clenching my sketch, and ran outside.

"Eli!" He said, looking like he was trying to suppress a smile.

I smiled anyway. My fingers tightened around the edges of the paper.

"What did you want to show me?" Faith asked, tilting his head to the side.

He actually looked kind of cute like that.

Damn it, what was I thinking?

"Uh, I wanted to show you the progress on the drawing I was making!" I placed my hand behind my head in a nervous frenzy.

"Oh yeah! I want to see it." He said blatantly.

"Sure, uhm..." I handed him the sketch.

He held it gently in his hands, like one would hold a baby. It made me smile a little. When anyone else looks at my art they usually glance at it, not even bothering to take a good look.

But Faith...I could tell by how intently he was staring at the art, he was noticing every stroke I made, every line I erased and he could sense the effort I had put into it.

"This is amazing! I still can't believe you did this." He said, and looked up at me. His eyes were purple and brown again!

"Thank you!" I smiled, but I also wanted to ask him about why he was wearing contacts today and why he seemed so agitated yesterday.

"You plan on working on it more?"

I nodded. "Hey I also wanted to ask, were you wearing contacts today?"

He widened his eyes and looked away. "Yeah. My mom says everyone would want to stay away from a freak like me."

"Well you don't look like a freak." I said with full confidence. "I think your eyes are beautiful."

Wait. Did I say that out loud?

Faith froze in place, almost like he was unable to process the information. "My eyes...are beautiful?"

It seemed like he was asking himself, but I nodded anyway. I was such a mess. He shook his head.

I wanted to ask more but it seemed like a sensitive topic for him so I didn't push.

"Anyway, about your sketch, I feel like you should use watercolour." He said as if nothing had happened.

"Oh, uh, yeah I was thinking of that too." I said.

Then he promptly sat down.

I sat down beside him, leaning against the cherry blossom.

"Do you have a name for it yet?" He asked.

"A name? For a painting?" I'd never thought about it.

"Yeah. What do you think you'll name it?" Faith asked.

I looked at the drawing, still in his hands. He held it in an elegant fashion, his fingers lightly touching it.

A painting which would be of a raven-haired boy standing under a bright pink tree, a flower tucked in his hair and his shirt blowing in the wind.

"I honestly don't know." I let my head rest on the tree.

"I have an idea," Faith said. "If you don't mind."

"Of course not, tell me."

He lifted it up, his hands moving around the edges. There was moonlight now, and the sketch now had dots of white splattered across.

"The Boy Who Has Yet to Blossom."

I stared at him. "That's perfect dude!"

His eyes were glinting in the moonlight, as if they were filled with tears, but yet, nothing came out.

Slowly his eyes closed, and his breathing became slower and slower.

It took me a while to realise that he had fallen asleep.

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