- gay love story part 7 -
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- gay love story part 7 -

I looked over at Faith and he was off to a pretty good start.

"So, that guy, you seem a little interested in him." Ash raised his eyebrows. "Do you like him?"

Faith came running back, shooting a small smile.

"What? No!" I exclaimed. "I'm not gay dude!"

Ash raised his arms. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry!"

We were quiet for a while, and awkwardness hung all around us. I kept my eyes on Faith, watching him run peacefully from one end to the other.

"26. 27. 28." The pacer voice kept calling out times and Faith kept nailing every single one. I don't think he was even out of breath yet. That was impressive.

I compared the silence between Ash and I to when I was with Faith. Honestly, I liked the silence between Faith and I more. It was more relaxing.

He was tranquil and quiet on the outside, though I'm sure his mind is as messed up as mine on the inside.

"So wanna meet up at the park this weekend?" Ash asked.

"Sure man, what time?" I replied.

We talked for a while about what we would do. We planned to go biking around a lake and maybe stop for ice cream.

The whole time, Faith was still running without missing a beat. We were already in the 70s. I watched in amazement.

"The guy can really run, huh!" I chuckled.

"You're right, he should join the track team." Ash said as they reached 80.

Normally they would stop when it reached 100. I could see Faith was getting slightly tired though. And sure enough at 92 he missed.

But he kept pushing until he was the last one standing at 100. Coach Hayes pulled him over, probably to congratulate him or say that he was amazing. At running.

"Well." Ash said. "I guess I'm next. Wish me luck!"

I nodded and waved as Faith came and sat down beside me, covered in sweat.

He wasn't smiling though.

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