- gay love story part 5 -
- gay love story part 5 -  gay stories

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Cherry blossom...im crying over my own story i know whats coming next and y'all dont (the mcs dont die dont worry)

- gay love story part 5 -

I was hoping that Faith would be going to my school. There were three primary schools and two secondary schools in my town, and I didn't know his age, so he could be going to any of the schools.

I was a third year at our school, and everyone in my grade was around 14-15 years old.

Class was going to start soon and I searched the hallways for my best friend. We had almost every class except for music together, because I decided to take guitar and he wanted to take choir.

I didn't know much guitar but it seemed cool so I wanted to try it out! Our first lesson, on this wonderful monday morning however, was P.E.

Perfect time of the day to get drenched in sweat and feel absolutely terrible for the rest of the day.

What's worse is that we are doing fitness tests today, and if Faith joined this school I feel so bad for him. On his first day, having to do fitness tests.

I made my way to the locker room and found him sitting at the end of the last bench, checking his phone.

"Hey." Suddenly the floor became very interesting.

I don't know why but locker rooms always seemed too awkward for me.

My best friend Ash quickly changed and we got up to leave. Just then I saw faith enter, drop his bag, and walk out really quickly.

I started walking faster.

"Hey wait up dude!" Ash said, trying to keep pace with me. "Where are you going so fast?"

"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, I met this guy yesterday. I accidentally turned on flash when I took a picture of him." I said nonchalantly.

"You did what now?" He blinked in disbelief. "Eli you don't go taking pictures of strangers!"

I smirked and ignored him. "Faith!" I tried getting his attention.

He turned around and the first thing I noticed was his eyes, which were both brown today. Did he put contacts in? Why would he do that? His eyes were so beautiful!

"Hey! So you go to this school too?" He glanced down, not meeting my eyes.

"Did you put in contacts or something?" I asked.

"What? Contacts? For what?" He said hurriedly.

He must not want anyone to know then, huh.

"Uh, sorry to ruin the moment, but who is this?" Ash asked from behind me.

I motioned for Faith to talk.

"Oh, I'm Faith. Uh, nice to meet you." He said, and walked away.

"Well, he seems friendly." Ash scoffed.

I think he's just shy. That's what I wanted to say. Sometimes I disagreed with what Ash thought.

We then heard the whistle of class starting and started hurrying towards the field.

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