- gay love story part 4 -
- gay love story part 4 - gay stories

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- gay love story part 4 -

I couldn't stop smiling. Someone liked my eyes. Someone liked my name. Someone liked anything about me. Eli had no idea how much he meant to me at that moment.

I had my hat on and my head down low, but I was smiling.

"Hey! Watch it, girl."

I bumped into a person but couldn't care less. I just kept walking.

"Brat! Apologise!" The guy I bumped into called out. Before I knew it I felt a hand grab my arm, spinning me around.

I didn't say anything, just freed my arm and started walking away faster. I checked the time. 5:13 PM.

"Hey! Wait!" The man yelled.

I started running, running as fast as I could. I focused on a feeling like I was stepping on petals. I had to go fast, stepping lightly and shifting my weight. Don't step on any cracks.

Faster, faster, left, right, right, again left. I was almost there.

I looked behind me and realised the man wasn't following me anymore. I slowed my pace to a jog. I checked my watch. 5:15 PM. It took me two minutes to go around three blocks.

I sighed, and walked down the street to my house. Why were all the houses so spaced out? I wasn't used to this.

I was used to running though, but I didn't like it because I only was good at it from practice of running away from people.

Like just now.

As soon as I entered my house I hurried up to my room and thought of the boy I met today, Eli. I plugged my headphones in and shuffled a lo-fi playlist.

Once I picked up the rhythm and beat I started humming along, closing my eyes and travelling to my secret world where I didn't need to run from anything,

hide from anything or be scared from anything.

I imagined a gate in front of me, and right next to the entrance was Eli. He wasn't scared of how I looked, and he didn't think being girly was weird. Yet I still shut down the gates.

It doesn't matter how nice a person is on the outside. I should know that.

Suddenly it felt like my world was breaking and shaking, everything falling apart. My eyes shot open to see my younger sister shaking me up, she was probably yelling something.

I slipped my headphones off and sighed. "What is it now?" I asked.

"Mom called us to help with dinner!" She stated.

"Thanks, I guess," I said as I got up.

I left my headphones still playing, and a little beat got stuck in my head. I have to transfer it to guitar, I thought to myself. Before I lose it.

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