- gay love story part 30 -
- gay love story part 30 - gay stories

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FINAL PART! "~" is a perspective change. It changes to Faith.

- gay love story part 30 -

"Can you..." Was I seriously going to say this? "Can you do it again?"

Faith just smiled and came closer once again. His lips were soft on mine, and when he pulled away I could see his eyes close up. One deep purple, like and amethyst.

The other eye was like sweet chocolate. I could stare into these eyes forever.

I placed my hand on the side of his face and he collapsed onto my chest.

"I won't lie, it's been tough." Faith said.

I wanted him to continue so I stayed quiet and nodded.

"But you make it so much better." Faith's voice started quavering. A tear slipped from his eye.

"Everytime I felt like nothing I could just look at you, at how hard you were working and all the things you were doing and that would be enough for me. More than enough."

I was surprised. Me? Doing things, and working hard?

I mean, I guess I was. "Thank you, but the things I did should be expected." I said.

Who hurt him? Who made him think someone cooking meals and taking care of him was hard work?

"So I'm going to go back to see my family, and try to put them back together." Faith stated.

I knew what this meant. He wasn't going to stay with me anymore. But it was for the best, of course.

"Really?" I said. "I can help if you need anything."

Faith shook his head. "I need to do this on my own, and I'm going to do this for you and for Sakura."

"Why me too?" I asked.

"I wouldn't be here if not for you." He smiled, standing up.

He gave me his hand, and I placed my hand in his. He pulled me up and we stood there for a few seconds, our heads close. I put my arms around him, pulling him into a hug.

"You're going to do great." I said, and I believed that.

"Thank you." He looked down for a second, and walked away.

Before going inside he spun around. "One question."

"Yeah?" I was curious.

"Can I call you my boyfriend?" He asked.

I could feel myself heating up like a kettle. "Uh- sure. Yeah."

As soon as he went inside I crouched on the floor in embarrassment and excitement. That went way better than I could have imagined.

I walked inside, still not fully recovered from the events.


Sakura leaving the world felt like a cherry blossom flower falling off a tree to me. I lost something that helped me grow, did so many good things, something that helped me.

A pang of sadness resonated right in my core. There wouldn't be anything that could replace her, not close.

Eli was not a replacement. He was a whole new flower, actually. He was one that I would protect and one I would fight for.

All that's left is the flower to grow.

The flower has yet to blossom.

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