- gay love story part 28 -
- gay love story part 28 - gay stories

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I'll make it, say, exactly 30 parts then, huh?

- gay love story part 28 -

We were walking along the side of the lake, our hands brushing against each other occasionally. Faith had a bounce to his step.

"How's the painting coming along by the way?" Faith asked.

"Well, it's pretty much done I guess." I shrugged.

"I want to see it later." He stated.

He took my hand, spinning around, and pulled me along. His laugh sounded like music to my ears, something pure and majestic. And, it was contagious. I smiled along, letting a laugh slowly exit.

Faith widened his beautiful eyes. "You laughed!"

"Yeah!" My face was starting to hurt. "I am!"

He started running and I ran next to him, hand in hand, enjoying this moment. There were a few trees in the distance, and they formed the same forest my house was next to.

Faith pulled out his phone from his pocket and took a selfie before I realised it.

"Hey!" I tried snatching the phone but failed, stumbling.

"Nope! You took a picture of me before, when we met, so this is my revenge!" He laughed.

I playfully elbowed him. "Well, you got me."

We walked towards my house, enjoying each other's company. The trees covered us from the sun but Faith still shone, bright and rare in this forest.

I put my hand on my chest and felt my heartbeat. It was way faster than I expected. Wait...no. That couldn't be right?

I mean Faith was a close friend of mine but were these emotions I felt meant for friends...or something more?

I shook my head, shaking my worries away. No way. Right?

We reached my house. As expected, my mother was nowhere to be found. A note lay on the dining table.

I'm at work again, sorry dear. Will be back before midnight.

I sighed when I read it. "Hey Faith, you want lunch?"

Faith came in like an aeroplane, arms spread at his side. "Of course! I wouldn't want to trouble you though."

He only needed a few days to recover, huh?

I wish I had his motivation. That was something I admired about him.

I think I should tell him. How I feel, I guess. When I show him the painting.

That's it. Tonight.

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