- gay love story part 26 -
- gay love story part 26 - gay stories

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- gay love story part 26 -

"I'm glad I'm with you here rather than at school." Faith said.

He was talking more, which was good, so I decided to try and keep him talking.

"Same here. I mean, now knowing what Chase really thinks it's going to be hard to face him." I sighed.

"Yeah," Faith sat down next to the edge of the lake. "I think you should just end the friendship."

"My plan exactly." I said as I sat down next to him. "Do you want me to get you an ice cream or something?"

I changed the subject because I didn't want Faith to worry about me. He turned to me, slowly, with big pleading eyes.

"You can get me ice cream?" Faith asked. He almost seemed like a hyper child now.

"Yeah! Of course." I smiled. He was getting some emotions back! "What flavour do you want?"

Faith shrugged. "Whatever you're having."

I nodded and left to find the ice cream stall a bit further down. To me it seemed like Faith was more of a person who preferred vanilla ice cream. I decided to get two of those and came back.

On the way there, I had a new perspective to where we were sitting. It was pretty close to the edge, and it almost seemed like Faith was a beautiful mermaid that popped out of the water.

I shook my head. What the hell was I thinking?

"Here you go!" I handed him one.

"Thank you!" Faith smiled at me.

I felt a little explosion going off inside me. What was I even feeling?

...Chase might be right. Okay. Don't freak out Eli, it's alright. It wasn't the fact that I was probably gay, it was the fact that Chase was probably right.

I sighed and took a bite of my ice cream. Whatever. It didn't matter. What did matter, though, was making this moment last forever.

At least, make it feel like forever.

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