- gay love story part 25 -
- gay love story part 25 - fiction stories

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If you can't tell, the best parts are coming up.

- gay love story part 25 -

I looked over to what Eli was googling at. It was...Ash? And next to him was another person standing behind him. I couldn't see much because of the tree, but it looked like a guy.

"-and I think he might be gay or something." Ash was talking.

"Yeah, man, I really think you should drop him as a friend. What did you use him for, anyway? Homework?" The other guy said.

What the hell? I heard Eli take a sharp inhale.

"I mean, I guess. But it's kinda useful you know." Ash shrugged.

"Yeah I get that. Imagine him liking you--" The dude had guts, I'll give you that.

"Oh no that would be disgusting." Ash snickered. "I'd definitely follow your advice if that happened.

Eli's hand was balled in a fist but as they walked away it slowly opened up again.

"Forget them." I said, almost whispering.

"Huh?" Eli turned around.

"Forget about them. They're stupid and have no idea what they're talking about." I tried to cheer him up.

"I think they might be right..." He said, his voice quiet.

"About what?" I asked. "Being gay?"

Eli nodded.

"Well guess what, I don't care. No one should, actually. All that matters to me is that you're you, the kind, funny, cute, amazing guy I know." I stated proudly.

Eli had this look in his eyes, a look of happiness mixed with relief.

"You really don't care?" Eli smiled slowly.

"I don't give a damn. And neither should you." I said. "Let's continue. I heard that there's a lake nearby..."

We followed the path further till we could see the water.

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