- gay love story part 18 -
- gay love story part 18 - sakura stories

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I apologise. Ahem. Please don't kill me.
And also this scene so was not inspired in any way shape or form by my life. Yeah.

- gay love story part 18 -

"I'm sorry." The doctor said. "But we don't think she will make it."

I felt like everything was falling apart. My blood rushed down and I couldn't feel anything. My heart was pounding so fast, my ears felt like they were overflowing.

I crouched down, covering them. It hurt. It hurt so bad. I yelled, but it didn't help. Hope. Sakura. She was going to die. I can't even say goodbye to her because she can't even hear me.

"If you like I can let you see her for a minute." The doctor said in a slow, tedious voice.

I rushed in without saying a word.

"Hey, Sakura." The tears started flowing down. "We'll always be together, right?"

Her eyes were shut. She must be in pain.

I couldn't stop the tears.

"Brother? Why are you crying?" A really parch, soft, and barely noticeable voice said.

I looked over and saw Sakura's eyes were fluttering open.

"I love you Sakura!" I cried.

"I love you too." She had no idea what was going on, did she?

I looked over at the machine and it started to beep. Doctors and nurses alike rushed in, and one of the nurses escorted me out.

"I'm sorry." They said, then returned back inside.

Eli was standing outside, looking in through the window. I fell down on the floor, weak, and crying.

I felt someone's arms around me, pulling me into a hug. I didn't care. Sakura was gone. Hope was gone. I really was without Hope. I lost the one person who loved me.

What is there to live for anymore?

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