- gay love story part 17 -
- gay love story part 17 - sad stories

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- gay love story part 17 -

I could feel Faith's breathing becoming slower and slower. I think he was tired. I hoped his sister would be alright but I had this sickening feeling inside myself that told me that...


"I don't want to go home." Faith whispered.

"Why?" I asked, a little concerned.

Faith didn't answer. I pulled him closer and hugged him. It felt like he needed one.

"Do you want to go see your sister?" I asked.

Faith opened his mouth to speak but then closed it. His body almost seemed hollow, empty. His eyes were drained of all happiness. "I don't want to go alone."

"I'll go with you." I said.

Faith nodded. "Thank you."

I got up and helped Faith out. He walked, leaning on me as we headed downstairs. He was so hurt and the worst hadn't even happened. He must really love his sister.

I took my bus card on the way out and we walked till the bus stop. Faith had gotten a grip on himself by the time we were outside but was walking really slowly.

I stopped for a few seconds to let him catch up.

Something overcame him, and he started walking faster. I don't think he was in the right mind, because he started almost running.

I felt something grab my hand and I looked down to realise it was Faith.

Two boys running down the street, holding hands, running to see a loved one. Possibly even for the last time. I shook my head.

Faith was running fast, and I tried to keep up with him.

When we reached the bus stop the bus was just about to leave. Faith ran as fast as he could and I tried not to stumble behind him. We got in in the nick of time.

I caught my breath while Faith just looked at me, his face nothing short of serious.

I wonder what he was thinking then.

Before we knew it we were at the stop closest to the hospital. One more block to run.

Faith ran like crazy as soon as he got out and I sprinted a few meters behind him. We hurried, running like our lives depended on it.

Faith stormed through the doors of the hospital to the front desk. I skidded to a stop behind him.

"I need to see Sa- Hope. Hope Yamada." He gasped.

The nurse behind the desk tried her best to find Hope and give Faith her room number.

She escorted us as soon as it was done. We were already heading to the ICU. This was bad.

Then we saw her.

Hope. Sakura. In a way, she was Faith's hope.

There were machines all over her, some in her skin and some around her mouth. I had no idea what they were but I hoped they were helping her.

A doctor came out to see Faith.

"I'm sorry..." The doctor proceeded to whisper something.

Faith's back was turned to me but I could see his clenched fists relax, the last of its life leaving.

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