- gay love story part 14 -
- gay love story part 14 - gay stories

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Apologies- (its a short part but thats not why im sorry)

- gay love story part 14 -

I woke up the next day in a messy room, like everyday. Putting clothes on, getting ready, living life on repeat. It was starting to feel like when I listen to my favourite song too many times.

I went to check on my sister, and in my peripheral vision I could see my mom sleeping on the bed. My dad's bag wasn't in the room so he must already be out for work.

My sister was still asleep as well.

"Hey, wake up for breakfast Sakura." I said softly.

She stirred and blinked her eyes sleepily. I picked her up and carried her downstairs gently. She was four already, so it was getting harder to carry her. I placed her in a chair.

She started talking to me, her voice as bright and happy as ever. I served her breakfast.

We talked and laughed, I always enjoyed our mornings. I hoped nothing would happen to them.

"I want to be a doctor when I grow up!" She said suddenly.

"Oh really?" I asked. "That's nice. I know you will save a lot of people!" I encouraged her.

She finished eating and started running back to her room, when she suddenly fell. I hurried over to her side.

No, no, not again, not now. I grabbed the inhaler and pumped the air into her mouth. She started relaxing and I carried her back to her room. I stayed by her side.

This asthma attack seemed worse. If it didn't improve my noon I would call the ambulance, I decided. I'll skip school today.

I needed Sakura to survive. I needed her to pull through.

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