- gay love story part 11 -
- gay love story part 11 - fiction stories

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- gay love story part 11 -

I entered the guitar classroom with Faith, and we sat down close to each other. The guitar teacher walked in, Mr. Andrews, and took an electric guitar from the stand.

"Today we have a new student, Faith, you might have seen him yesterday, but anyways we need to put him into a group." He held the guitar out to Faith.

"Do you know how to play an electric guitar?"

Faith swung his guitar case off and took the guitar from Mr. Andrews, shifting the strap on his shoulder. He plugged the guitar into the amp and it didn't blast our ears.

He started picking at the strings with his fingers, first the fourth string, then the third, second, back to third and then first. He repeated this sequence, changing chords as he went along.

Mr. Andrews was watching in shock, and I didn't blame him. Faith played like a pro. There was no chance we would be in the same group.

Faith then switched to playing full chords, there were so many I couldn't tell them apart.

He started picking and the chords again and it was breathtaking, it felt like I was backstage at a concert. By the time Faith was done everyone in the room was stunned.

"Those are just some basic things I know." Faith said. "I could play a song if you want."

"That's alright, you're qualified enough to go to the advanced group." Mr. Andrews took the guitar from faith and placed it on a stand.

He motioned for us beginners, specifically me and three other people to huddle together and practice our note piece.

I couldn't help but keep looking at Faith, watching him settle in with others as well. He was talking to the others in his advanced group and I felt a little jealous.

They already had a lot to talk about with Faith, with the guitar, and I think he would like them better.

In my group there was myself, two kids who didn't talk to anyone but themselves in Korean, and Sara. Sara was nice and all but it was a bit too obvious that she had a major crush on me.

Ash even told me to confirm it.

Sometimes she would even get a bit pushy. It was hard to breathe around her, she made me feel so self-conscious. Everyone shipped her and I together but I didn't really get it.

For some reason I immediately thought of Faith. Compared to when I first met Ash I feel much more comfortable with him.

I remembered last night when he was holding my art, caressing it gently. When I first showed Ash my art when I was seven, he almost stepped on it.

Granted, he was around seven years old, but still.

Faith made me feel so much more wanted.

"Hey! Eli! Focus, you're messing up your notes daydreaming like that." Sara snapped. As soon as I looked at her she smiled.

I really wish I could play with Faith, and the only way to make that happen was to practice.

So I was going to do it. For Faith.

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