How Would I Know?
How Would I Know? stories

misterjeyen Are you insane like me?
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How would you know that?

How Would I Know?

by: misterjeyen

She laughs at my silly jokes.

Then makes me cry every night until I choke all the thoughts That I've been dying to tell her.

Her eyes hold the greatest mystery in these galaxy

And her stare can ruin every walls that I have been holding all these years.

Her smile that enlightens my doubtful mind but...

I didn't know behind that smile holds a secret that will destroy me.

How would I know that her heart is black as coal before it burns?

How would I know she'll leave me after opening a door for me?

She'll make a bridge then break it down when I am half way through.

She's the most beautiful disaster that I've experienced.

Her sweet lips that left a bitter taste on my heart...

How would I know that staying with her will leave me fully broken?

How would I know?

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