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Excerpt from the track "Sky eyed girl", from "Changes" (2014) by Mister Peculiar. Video:

"Changes" is a concept-album based around the journey through a young man's mind. The album is a rock opera that narrates the story of a man who, tired of the dullness and frustration of his current life, decides to leave his country but soon realises that just changing place is not enough.
It will only be after an intimate and deep walk through his mind that he'll manage to overcome his demons, and finally enjoy the beauty of life.
The music uses a wide variety of styles as it follows the development of the story to help explore the character's psychology, highlighting the various moods that accompany his road to discovery".

© 2014 Mister Peculiar. All rights reserved

Sky eyed girl

Sky eyed girl who are you to me? I might have asked anyone else but no one was seen

And the lack of knowledge grew up in my mind Since you got your lips on mine, since you got me blind

That things were not clear in my mind it was already clear before But then the confusion left open the illusion's door

I was not searching for lover nor fortune and fame I was looking for new tools for my old row but what I found was hail

Earth eyed girl where have you been? What sort of street you walked on when beside you it wasn't me

Please say it’s not real, swear it's all about lies Though the attire you wore in that pic was a bell that for me chimes

You might not be fooling me, it might be true for today But so far on our tomorrow we had what was on yesterday

Now it's half the time that we have to be apart But still I don't see truth in your eyes and so I guess is in your heart

Sky eyed girl, so you decided on him Then what for those words you used to swear to me?

Earth eyed girl you run away again How many times this story do you think that I should stand?

Sky eyed girl, now away you’ve turned Earth eyed girl, will you ever learn?

My single-mindedness is gonna take its toll.

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