Nothing Is Free
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Poverty through a drunken man's eyes.

Nothing Is Free

Baggy eyes reflect in the mirror;

it matches the pavement after it pours,

pours itself a bitter glass of bourbon

on the corner street of Bridgeton Avenue

where the desperate and deposed people

sleep in houses made of thin problems it ought to tumble in the wind as their dream

drowns in the water they couldn't afford,

yet this drink in their hand clinks

with the lightning as if it were to shock him into

a realization that nothing will ever

be the same without something to mope over

such as steeped thoughts of remaining alive

after it is done raining:

damn the hell of his Home;

a dirt patch before entering

will become watercolor brown

and stain his coat which already needs a wash,

but the rain can't wash something away

like a pouch full of quarters can.

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