Pain of Infidelity
Pain of Infidelity 

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missyliin Just a girl tryna create 😉
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Inside of hurt

Pain of Infidelity

When you meet that somebody you feel as if they are somebody! Life seems easier and some voids are filled 😍

Every love song reminds you of them it’s like wave traveling in from head to your feet in their love you suddenly swim!

Young, Naive, and hoping for it to be everything you prayed your blinded by what is tasteful!

Then when things crumble down you start feel pressure, angered, hurt, and betrayed!

You blame yourself for forever thinking your the cause tryna fix the issues that are not even there!

All because you loved someone and you see your life combined with theirs! Hurt like no other you discover that it’s not fair 😭

You still just wanna be there losing all that you are for one person thinking your loving them when in reality they are winning because they doubled up!

Your the joke, people laughing at you because they knew the deal. Meanwhile your stuck in pain .

Only your the one to blame!

I gave this my everything and I loved him graciously! Prayer for him faithfully, and hoped it’s just a phase!

But it’s a lifestyle that he sold his self to infidelity and small games! All you can do is wish a good well to him and heal yourself from the pain !


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