Finding Love !
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Self love

Finding Love !

Do you remember waking up late nights walking into your family room?

Shaking gifts on Christmas Eve happily and honored Santa visited you! Do you remember your childhood friends growing up and creating memories!

Your family visiting and your siblings bickering! You know just being a kid.

What if I open your mind to something new?

What if I tell you not all children are as happy as you! What if you weren’t able to shake gifts!

Your only gift was being stable what if they stole your innocence and you never had the chance to reminse on childhood things! Welcome to my world not everything is Gold!

“I just want one year to meet my dad”

Is what I thought every year!

“ I wish she’d get her world together she’s ruining mine” that’s was the way I kept going!

“What am I hear for?”

Fighting the battle of homeless running from child services and keep focus on my drug addict mom I became so overwhelmed that drinking was my cure!

Now when I speak to many people they didn’t taste alcohol until their teens!

For me I was full alcoholic by the age 14!

I overcame so many obstacles like finishing school and maintaining life as an adult only to know that I was searching for love cuz that’s something I never got!

Since I was less fortunate most guys didn’t like me plus I was full of acne!

“I wouldn’t want me either!” Murmured a girl staring at herself in the mirror!

One day all that shifted I believe I became grateful god led me! I was happy I made it only love I needed was the love in me I created.

Strength was deep in me I pulled through and I found that love was only in you!

I let go my fears wiped away my tears and although it took years I cherished me ultimately and I began to tell others it’s now what others see it’s what you believe!

Your great and that’s beautiful when you find the love you didn’t have .

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