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Mr. Bee

by missy

Once there was a bee, he was a mighty bee with elegant strips of yellow and gold. One day he was off doing his duty, collecting necter, when he saw her.

A beautiful flower, elegant in every way. She turned to him and smiled.

It was love at first sight. He told her of her great beauty and of his love for her. She told him about the sun, seasons, and a all things bright.

Mister bee wanted to stay forever, but he needed to return his necter, his sense of duty was strong. So he did. Mister bee returned his necter to the hive and saught out the flower once more.

To his duress, he found her not. As he returned home, he saw a wilted shrub. He went to the plant and found it to be her, his little flower.

She had withered.

He was never the same.

He learned one thing,

Nothing is more important then someone you love.

And he never forgot it.

-check out my Wattpad account @TheNightHawk Thanks for the support, -Missy

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