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missrebeccaann I earned a Ph.D. in misplacing car keys
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Dedicated to my love.


I found you in a code. I found you in a dream. I found you in the center of my damaged self esteem. My heart was a cavity, a midnight empty case, a melancholy pulse, taking all my space.

Going through the motions with blackness in my chest. A reality of nothing, no humanity was left. I could’nt see the sun, even though I tried. I didn’t care to live, but didn’t want to die.

Then you walked in with the ocean and the label that you wore. The sun was setting for you as you stood upon the shore. Was it love at first sight? I truly do believe, but the dark blurred my vision and I just couldn’t see.

But you chippped away the black and made me see once more. I saw you with my heart that you salvaged on the floor. I know I am still broken. I know I can be fixed. I know that my signals are scattered and sometimes mixed.

But, Rich you are my East and I want to be your sun. You’re the air I want to breath; you’re my only one.

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