Queen Of The **** Ups (Explicit Language Adult Content)
Queen Of The **** Ups
(Explicit Language Adult Content)  poem stories

missrebeccaann I earned a Ph.D. in misplacing car keys
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Find what you are good at, and take ownership. Every woman is a queen of something 🤘🏻

Queen Of The **** Ups (Explicit Language Adult Content)

The Queen of the Fuck Ups! That would be me! I wear that crown with the greatest of ease! So, bow down bitches, show some respect. To the most majestic Fuck Up, you will never forget.

I fuck up everything, that is ample. Take my bank account, for example. In the negative it always stays, I fuck that shit up everyday.

Bills pile up they never get paid, ignoring them wishing they would go away. Electricity, water, credit card statements pile up in a high-rise. My credit score is lower than my shoe size.

Relationships are destroyed and broken, leaving with no apologies spoken.

It’s not easy being queen, I had to earn that crown, and I don’t plan on stepping down. So, all hail her royal Highness and kneel before me, who fucks shit up to the third degree.

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