Political Theater
Political Theater rhyme stories

missrebeccaann I earned a Ph.D. in misplacing car keys
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"You never see the entire script of political theater until long after the last scene has been acted out." - Gary Hopkins

Political Theater

Break a leg everyone! The show’s about to start! The scripts have been rehearsed! Everyone should know their part! The curtains will disjoint under the spotlight’s glare, while the audience awaits in the elevated chairs.

The performance was electric! An Emmy worthy play! They bought it line and sinker much to their dismay. You showed them conflict and fed them fairy tales. An epic distraction for dramatic ticket sales.

The crowd will pick a side and it will resonate, cognitive dissonance for us to captivate. There is no left or right in this theatrical brigade. Self-serving is our mission. We are one and the same.

And they will never know. And will never ask us how. Because the show is finally over as we take our final bow.

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