F*** All (explicit language)
F*** All (explicit language)  rhyme stories

missrebeccaann I earned a Ph.D. in misplacing car keys
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“Those who always know what’s best are a
universal pest.”
― Piet Hein

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F*** All (explicit language)

Fuck All

There was a man named Mike, strong, big and tall. An educator of knowledge, specializing in Fuck All. A Ph.D. he earned, an expert in his field, educating Fuck All, to individuals and peers.

Now Fuck All is a subject that's confusing at best. It took a man like Mike, to teach this daunting quest. His syllabus breaks down on how it will be lectured, formatted outlined chapters of logic that is conjectured.

The introduction to the course is the art of debating. How to argue without knowing, the thoughts you're formulating. Body language is key, the foundation of the measure, owning all your ignorance, with elaborate hand gestures.

If you want to learn this skill, he's the one you need to call The expert we deserve, a scholar of Fuck All.

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