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people say there's no such thing as real love, well am starting to think they might be right. Even though i have this gut feeling that i can't seem to never shake away. It's the feeling that everyone is wrong and am right and that there is a thing called REAL LOVE.

What's LOVE

people say there's no such thing as real love, well am starting to think they might be right. Even though i have this gut feeling that i can't seem to never shake away.

It's the feeling that everyone is wrong and am right and that there is a thing called REAL LOVE.

Is hard to shake something like that off when you have seen it all you're life do you know what i mean?..

My grandparents were separated by death, my parents been together for 35 year's and i cant help my self to over think how can one find it's better half.

We all have had our good and bad relationships, but in my fair of shares i had more bad than good one's, not because i wanted but because the other person doesn't believe in it like i do.

I can't seem to remember a relationship that i had that have made me think and been like oh wow this is it.

I had good and bad people walk in and out of my life, hey we don't choose who comes and goes right?.

LOVE is a powerful word we, us humans tend to use in our favor, like we say it just because or we say it because we know it would get the person to do what we want,

basically what am trying to say is we say it because we know the other person wants to hear it.

I always say never say what you don't feel, and always say what you do feel you will be surprised of how far you can get by just doing those simple things.

We all see love in a different way, example i see love like this beautiful and powerful feeling that can conquer anything and everything, than there's other's that view it differently from me.

I mean we all don't have the same thoughts, or see things the same way.

For all i know i can see a blue chair and for you it might be red, us humans can agree on a same decision but you would never see thing's the same way as the other person does.

There for we are free to express our feelings witch now a day's that's what most human's lack on EXPRESSION, the lack of communicating how one is feeling emotionally,

the lack of expressing you're true feelings to someone you seem to care about.

I always say love is the heart of a family, when love is involve nothing matter's all the pain and all of the worries seem to all of the sudden not matter.

Ever since i can remember I've always been a lover, because when i love i love hard like with every little inch of my body and soul.

Maybe because that's what i grew up seeing, i mean there use to be some fight's well little fight's my mom never made it seem like they were big even if they were.

Sometimes we have to do like Steve Harvey say's " Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man",

am sure he wrote that book so we can have a little more understanding of a man's brain well maybe half a brain.

Am just messing with you guy's we all have full brain's and are capable of using it to it's full extend.

I know we see thing's differently from one another but why go through so much pain to get to that one person,

i think if we all were more honest and more open we wouldn't have to hurt so much or go through so much.

Being in a relationship involves a lot of emotion's, honesty, loyalty, love and also being able to comprehend one another,

when there's a fight try to come down and sit and talk about the wrong thing's like adults and human's that we are.

That's how i always saw it in my house hold maybe that's why i see thing's and view them from this angle,

i mean i understand we all come from different home's but just because we came from different home's doesn't mean we can lie and miss use people time and play with their feeling's,

the same way you wouldn't like someone to play with your feeling's.

Never do what you don't like people doing to you it's that simple, not because some people won't do it, it's because doing what's right is always good.

Don't do thing's because other's are doing it or because you've been hurt and you're going to hurt first before you get hurt.

Do it because it feel's right, do it because when you do good don't look to whom you've done that good to, just do what's right and see how free and how different life would feel.

I learned that life is one, you live than you die so why waste you're time doing something that you are going to feel bad about later on.

Lies and dishonesty get you no where in life, you might end up alone in a ditch some where..

Again am just playing it wont get to that extreme i mean i hope not, you just never know it's a crazy world out their anything can happen.

I always say love is not about how many time's you can say it, but how many time's you can actually feel it if you know what i mean.

Love is such a powerful thing that it's been known to keep going even after you are no longer physical in this world,

and what i mean by that is REINCARNATION some believe this some don't but then again we are free to think and believe whatever we want.

I can't say i believe in reincarnation because i haven't seen it yet, but just because i haven't seen it doesn't mean it's not true.

You can't never judge something you don't know but then again who are we to judge?.

Another thing about love that i for got to mention is that it can make you do crazy thing's, and not only that but it can make you go crazy also,

its been known that people have killed for love or even worst have lost their life's because of love.

This is why i say LOVE is a very powerful thing that it's capable of thing's we don't even know yet,

capable of anything and everything at the same time that it make's us think that if we don't obey it we are going to loose it forever but we also for get that the same way that one love came

to us another will come also. Different form maybe better or worst who know's but all i know is that we have billions of people to choose from so why we let one love control our whole life.

We are allowed to choose who we want to love or who we want to love us,

but you know a funny thing no body own's the heart when you're heart want's something there's no telling it other wise because it will make you go crazy when you're heart doesn't get it's way.

Love is a noun that some would be lucky to understand, not only understand but also feel.

Whom is lucky to have it and understand it, feel it, and also be given the same thing back from the other person is a lucky person because i would say that happens one in every 100 relationship,

whom ever is lucky to have it hold on to it and don't let go because once it's gone it won't ever come back and if it does it would be rarely.

We tend to listen to much to people's opinion's on things, and we for get to listen to our self's first at the end of the day who got us better than our self's?.

No body in this world would ever get you more than your self. It's never about no one else, not everyone put's other's before them self's.

Example in my case i put my parent's first, my niece and nephew, my sister and then who ever else is in the picture, like i said FAMILY to me is very important i think that at the end of the day

is all we got. Some families aren't the same not all of us are lucky enough to say my family is all i have. Love is a strange thing beside's being strange is one of the craziest things in this wo

rld, some people have a definition for it, some of us have our own definition or our own thinking about that special word we all look at it differently. What we go through is our own definition a

nd opinion on that, it depends what we have gone through and not only that it's what we have felt in the moment or throughout the years. It's not easy feeling a certain way example like sad, angr

y, unwanted, misguided, thinking being alive is a mistake. You can't help you're self if you feel that way because of all you've gone through, thinking you're not good enough for anyone or maybe

you're not the stereo type people look for. Trust me when i tell you it's not easy feeling like that and trying to keep going day by day just because you have to be strong for certain people in y

ou're life, that feeling that would never go away because they implanted those feeling's into you with out asking you, without caring what you're opinion on the situation is. I don't think is fai

r we let other people decide for our feeling's or how they make us feel, but at the end of the day we are the only one's that let it happen if we don't put a stop to it no one ever would do it fo

r you. But we can't help our self's if you just can't stop looking for that one person that you know it's for you, you're other half, that one person you want to spend the rest of you're life wi

th and built a family a home have everything all this movie's and fairy tales keep talking about. I want to know how that feel's that love that's unconditionally, patience that's willing to wait ev

ery little minute with all it's patience and it's willing to fight for what it has built. That it's willing to built from everything from scratch with out any question, or that want's to push you

to do better, create a better you, help you become a better you and that nothing matter's more than what you guys have going on for you're self's. Find you're self's that one person that want's

you and only you, find that one person that feel's and see's things how you see them, there's nothing more important than building that home you always dreamed of with that one special person tha

t was made only for you. So this is my look on love no matter how many time's you're down always get back up, never give up on love and happiness even if you think you would never find that perso

n believe me you will find that one person that is for you. Don't do what i did give up on love before finding it. Love work's in mysterious way's but i gave up trying to figure those way's out,

Never give up on you're dreams. Keep Dreaming.!!

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