Left behind......
Left behind......

missmystry 16 yrs old Amateur writer
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
Left behind....separation from a loved one is not easy right??specially from blood.....

Left behind......

She was on left, You were on right, I was silent in the center, As you fight.

Things were packed house Was half empty, You left me behind letting People show fake sympathy.

Years passed without any any sign of you, In some parallel universe is there still a "me and you?"

Said you loved me and to be brave, I thought you world come back before my grave.

My words never reached your ear, I still dream of you being near. Time is shattering me and my hope, When I realized the truth I couldn't cope.

You left me behind to never come back, Tell my fault or the things I lack.

Waiting and longing for you is fatal, Cause your departure was linked with no arrival.

I will try not to break but to stand, It wasn't my fault you left me behind....

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