The man with a red tie (#2 of the Lady In Red) POV swap:
The man with a red tie

(#2 of the Lady In Red) 

POV swap: horror stories

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With a single glance. The love of your life might just find you -- Little does he know; you have dark intentions.

The man with a red tie (#2 of the Lady In Red) POV swap:

I had one intention tonight. And that was to kill.

I was in a party, surrounded by wealthy vampires.

Nothing could get in my way. As I walked in..

I locked eyes with a stranger. The most enchanting man I had ever set my eyes on, a wave of energy and sparks engulfed within me. Lighting a fire of passion in my heart. Everything stopped in place. It was as if it were only me and him.

His hair was dark as night, blue eyes cold as ice. And that red tie.. .. Damn. nothing could drive me insane like the color red.

I wanted him.

He kept his eyes on me, lust lingering as he smirked flirtatiously.

I winked at him. Not tonight.

I had a mission. I couldn't afford to get distracted.

I turned my head form side to side. Until, I saw her, a beautiful blonde.

My target.

I swayed my hips, making my way towards her.

I seduced her, and managed to get her to take interest me. "Want to get a room?"

She smiled. "You don't need to ask."

We went to a room together.

Just as soon as she got undressed, I pushed her to the bed. She ruffled her hair, waiting for me.

I slowly climbed atop of her, holding a silver knife behind my back. "Ready for some fun?" I questioned.

She licked her lips. "Yes babe."

"Great!" I raised the knife high above my head, and stabbed her.

Again, and again.

I found peace in her pain. She was dead, she could not hurt anyone again.

I stabbed her once more for reassurance. Then shortly after someone barged in, and I saw...


The stranger from earlier, staring at me with shock in his eyes.

I grinned. "Why hello handsome want to Join me?"

One word escaped his lips, "Mate."

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