A Kiss With Death.
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One sudden night in a grave, Olivia would get a kiss from her long lost love, the dark king himself; Death.
Perhaps the sweet kiss with death might just be her last?

A Kiss With Death.

Walking forward, I stomped my foot on a rock by accident.

Instantly I got snapped out of my trance. All of sudden I was in graveyard somehow. I didn't even remember how I got to here.

I spun around confused, looking for a way out. The darkness was blinding I could see nothing but the bright moon above.

I felt a cold sensation on my shoulder, and I was instantly sent to shock. My heart stopped for a second as I froze scared to turn, yet I moved my neck slowly to the side.

My feet followed and I found my self turning around to face the danger.

I dreaded when I saw him before me. A slender tall man looking down at me with ember eyes.

I froze, standing still as he bent closer to my neck, whispering, "I've been waiting for you, my love.... For a long, long time."

His cold voice made me shudder, as he took a finger and tilted my head up by my chin. I didn't know what to do. But I was sure that I wanted more from his touch.

I parted my lips in a daze, as he came closer before he placed his cold lips ever so softly against mine.

A new found wave of heat awokened within me. I eagerly took my fingers through his silky hair. The kissed intensified as he snaked his tongue into my mouth.

I was thrilled, and I wanted more.

Like a soul ripped out of a body, he pulled away, leaving me breathless craving for more.

He whispered in a raspy voice, "Do you want me?"

The heat in me burned like fire. "Yes!"

He smiled with content on his beautiful face. "Do you love me?"

I remained silent only... for something else in me to take over "More than anything."

He grinned, seduction in his tone. "Then you my love must die."

Something in me took over. It wasn't me speaking again. I was thrown to my subconscious letting someone else take control.

She had taken over my body. A new me I didn't know existed. She answered through my lips, "Gladly my love, I've missed you. Sadly I had to live in the body of a mortal all these years."

What was going on? And who was this other woman in me?

I crashed my lips unto his and in perfect motion of our lips; pain struck.

Slowly I was dying loosing myself. I wasn't in control, She was. ..She wanted this.

The pain was too much to bare, when I heard a cry from him, "It truly hurts me to do this to you my love. But it had to be done, for us to be together... " At this point I had regained my senses, only it was to late.. Slowly my vision became blurred until I was completely draped by darkness.

Author: This isn't all.. Maybe. Tell me if you're indeed interested in a continuation. Thank you and farewell!

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