Online. Offline.
Online. Offline.  onine stories

misslovette Slytherin4theWin
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Girls are complicated to understand, but don't think for ONE SECOND that we won't act on anger, sadness, or jealousy.

Online. Offline.

You send a message online to the one you're dating.

But they show as offline.

You wait for a reply, for them to answer.

You scroll through your feed, then something you see makes your heart stop.

They're online alright, unfriended you, and on their post are kissing someone else!

You throw your phone to the floor, not caring if it breaks or not.

You sober up a little, pick it up...

And write your last message to him.

He doesn't answer until twenty minutes later, sending just a heart and a pitiful "I luv u"

You're furious, on the brink of tears as you type your reply: "You don't care enough to respect that I love you, or to even spell LOVE right."

He shows as offline.

You shut off your phone.

You're done.

You don't care anymore, you don't feel anything.

You were online, texting him... One jump...

Then you're offline.

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