Our little secret
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misslizbeth Community member
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It happens when it's not supposed to happen

Our little secret


How do I start

When did it start

How long ago

Came gurgling up

And we promised

Not to fuck it up

Our little secret

Got a warning sticker

If I'd found it sooner

Would have torn it up

It was going to happen

He felt so damn good

‘Cause we understood

Our little secret

His fingers on my lips

That he'd just kissed

I promised no poetic words

But I can’t help it

They come gurgling up

‘Bout our little secret

If it's not read out loud

It's a hidden chapter

Too much overthinking

Is not what we're after

With our little secret

His eyes are saying something

But no one will see it

But me

It's our little secret

Copyright ©Lizbeth Loring 2017

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