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"go away little girl, I'm not supposed to be alone with you...."

in depend ence day

she sits in a corner

rocking away

sharing a lonely secret

just look at her sway

back and forth she rocks

her thoughts all a blank

her innocence stolen

his adult lessons to thank

she sits in a corner

her memory at bay

the ugliness has scarred her

even ’til today

some forty years past

since the day she was nine

this thank you note for him

she should only be so kind

the truth about Santa

where birds and bees have been

should have been light years away

not before she was ten

no damage on the outside

a discerning eye can see

look closer now for cracks

where a woman should be

a woman in her right mind

would have nailed it years ago

a child in her slight mind

didn’t know to say no

a woman in her wrong mind

she’s trying not to be

unburied, confronted and purged

she’s trying to find “ME”

no damage on the outside

dear Mr. Attorney

look closer now for cracks

where a woman should be

how dare you be the one

you Mr. Defender of laws

steal her world of kick ball summers

and the i.d. of Mr. Claus

first crush, going steady

stuff of little girl dreams

forever tainted and soiled

because of his schemes

raggedy ann and andy

barbie and ken

should have been her playtime

before she was ten

a man, I should think by now

children, dog and wife

is one a little girl

is she haunted for life

so Mr. Attorney

what would you do

if your little girl

was molested by a “YOU”

will she sit in a corner

panic rules her day

did the ugliness scar her

forever and today

what would you have her know

’bout the birds and the bees

later life experiences you hope

not at nine on her tender knees

and if by chance god gave you

the miracle of boys

what did you teach and tell them

’bout little girls with toys

to all the girls of innocence

who share this familiar plight

confront him now regardless

and get on with your life

cry the words you need to say

demand it, force it because

if you question and confront him

you can finally forget who he is or was

and if you can’t forget

at least you can bury

memories of the boy across the street

who at nine you dreamed you’d marry

your dreams no longer haunting

no scandal you’ve made

your intent is not to harm him

just a little self inflicted first aid

go away little girl

with your head held high

calmer waters await you

the woman inside has heard your cry

you go little girl

get on with your world

his deeds no longer rule you

may all your flags unfurl

Copyright Lizbeth Loring 2008

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