Thinking at a Coffee Shop
Thinking at a Coffee Shop shining stories

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Rainy happiness. It’s simple and pleasant.

Thinking at a Coffee Shop

Sitting in my favorite coffee shop, as I did every Thursday. My usual order: a hot chocolate and lemon cake slice. Some might think it’s childish, that I’m not ordering some fancy expresso coffee. But to be honest, I didn’t even know the difference between all those coffees and they’re usually too strong for me anyways.

The tiny droplets of young-started rain hit the window with the gentlest pitters and patters. The steam of my hot chocolate rose slowly in front of my face which rested on my crossed arms over the bar table.

I tilted my head to the right. In one perspective, the rain is gloomy, sad, and simply fit for funerals. The clouds are darkened and the sun is hidden, a naturally sad atmosphere.

I tilted my head the other way, exposing a bit of sunlight to my face. While, on the other hand, the petite droplets are shining, glowing. The sunlight is beaming through the water, scattering its joy in every direction. It makes you want to take a deep breath, smile, and search the sky for a rainbow.

I took a sip of my cocoa and smiled at the window. Funny how a tilt of a head can summon a whole new story about the simplest of things.

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