these tears are for you
these tears are for you tears stories

missippi_hippiewrite carelessly, thats when its best
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Moving is so hard when there’s someone you want to hang onto forever <3

these tears are for you

I am aching for your touch. Aching for your endless kisses. Aching for your tight hugs. I am aching for you.

It’s only been a week and I can’t bear being away from you another moment. Tears streaming down my face, sticking to my skin. My eyes, swollen and my cheeks flushed red.

“Are you crying?!” He asked over the call. “No.” I managed to croak. “Show me your face right now.” It was a video call, but I was on a different tab. “I’ll call you back later.” “No…” was all I heard before pressing the hang up button.

He texted me: “Baby, I’m worried about you.” I answered: “I want to come back.” “I know, I want you to come back, too.” I continued to sob.

Baby, these tears are for you.

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