Serenity the Girl
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Based on a true story, inspired by Serenity. <3

Serenity the Girl

I knew I girl once. Her name’s Serenity. It’s a real nice name. Simple and unique. Well at least I never heard of that name before.

She has wavy, long hair. Light brown like cattails by a creek. Her face: fair and kind. She’s real nice-lookin’.

I liked this one boy. But he liked her. I understood why, though. She’s real pretty and very gentle n’ nice.

But she saw the real him. She saw through his pretty blue eyes and his curly brown hair. He didn’t love hearts… He broke ‘em.

But I didn’t. I was stuck blind by love. All I saw was his pretty blue eyes and his curly brown hair. Nuthin’ through it, not the real him.

Eventually it bit me back in the ass. He broke my heart and all of me. But Serenity remained whole. Cuz she saw it beforehand and spared ‘erself the pain.

Serenity was smart, she did the right thing. I may not know her personally, but I have known her through that time enough to respect her. And realize now that I was too busy tryna steal him for myself instead of seeing the real him.

Why was I ever bitter to her? Cuz he liked her n’ not me? Likely so. But I know now she was the smart one here.

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