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Trees are so peaceful.

Not Tired Yet

My expression always flat and my eyes closed halfway. You would ask, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” I would answer to the strangers. They don’t know me and they don’t know why I look so “tired.”

I’m not. You are mistaken. I look tired because of my drooping eyes and my still brow. But have you ever wondered if I just don’t want to express myself around you? Of course not. That doesn’t even cross your mind because you’re just so “likable” and “nice.” You’re fake.

That’s why I am calm around you. I’m not tired.

I’m not tired yet. I will stay as calm as a thousand year old tree.

If you try to shake an old tree, you will only get splinters.

I won’t be tired until you keep sticking your litter beneath my roots. But I’m not tired yet.

So let’s keep it that way before one of my heavy branches snaps and falls on your clueless little head.

I’m calm. I’m not tired. Yet.

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